How to be the Best Dog Parent: With Dr Peter Dobias & Catherine Edwards

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In this episode, I welcomed Dr Peter Dobias, someone who I have wanted to connect with for ages, due to his amazing experience in supporting dogs holistically with his goal to help dog lovers naturally create a healthy and long life for their canine friends.

He also provides so many resources – in the form of blogs, free training and an amazing range of natural supplements, to provide our dogs, and us humans, with the best support possible to cope with today’s modern challenges.

This podcast is about so much more than how to start and raise our dogs in the most natural way possible to optimise their health and happiness – it is about the special bond between dogs and their humans, and how much we can learn from each other

In this Podcast we discuss:
– The processes you should go through before getting a dog/puppy and how you can identify the type of dog that may be best suited to you and your current circumstances.
– The importance of giving your puppies the right amount of exercise and how this changes as they get older.
– A number of deeper discussions, including the importance of continued learning and the key lessons we can take from our dogs to live a healthier and happier life.
– How being in alignment with our core values makes us better humans, and therefore better dog parents. But what I love about my talk with Dr Peter more than anything is that he truly walks his talk – looking after his own health and that of his beloved Pax, he is on a continued journey of learning and sharing to make the world a better place for all dogs and their humans.

Dr Dobias shares his journey to following his authentic self. In Podcasts 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, on Optimising Health & Happiness, with Dr Timo Tastutar and Lance Schutler we discuss Dr Chatterjee’s Key Pillars of Happiness –

Contentment – i.e. being at peace with your life and decisions
Control – i.e. feeling that nothing, within reason, has the power to overwhelm you
Alignment – i.e knowing that the person you want to be, and who you are, are one and the same
I feel that Dr Dobias optimises these 3 pillars beautifully – having shown, and shared openly, how he has made challenging life decisions to ensure that he is living in alignment.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did – and please do leave questions and comments below so that I can see if Dr Dobias will join us for part 2! So, sit back, enjoy with an open mind – Stay Curious, and Stay Free

Dr Rangan Chatterjee –

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