Rezotone USB (MED BED in your pocket)

This advanced technology is Patented, once strictly classified military cutting-edge healing technology. It was co-created by a Russian space research program connecting with an OFF-WORLD intelligence, a benevolent Angelic race from BEYOND EARTH. The healing technology is super advanced and was shared to help humanity. REZONTONE-12 USB Shield has 8 patents, a license + certificate, and over 85 healing programs for each organ and system.

The fast and productive way to resurrection & restoration of our lives and the planet!!

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The new Rezotone 12 USB Key is the result of the most advanced technology in the world currently available, related to neutralizing the devastating effects caused by non-natural electromagnetic waves, particularly (but not limited to) 5G, for biological organisms, as much of human, animal as vegetable nature.

Resulting from a Russian research of several decades, this key makes it possible, thanks to a process of quantum oscillation, to neutralize and reharmonize the disturbing frequencies arising from the electro-magnetic fog induced by all the devices made by human beings, such as laptops, cordless phones, wifi, tablets, etc.

REZOTONE 12 has this unique solution, ALL in ONE, created with the help of benevolent Angelic race: Helps with protection from 5G & Spike Protein

The Rezotone 12  will automatically select to work with each person individually, with the necessary program or group of programs that work optimally at the current time. It will adjust automatically to persons needs to protect them and improve their health.

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