About Me

Natural solutions for an ever-changing world

Hello! I’m Catherine, a biologist, passionate knowledge sharer, interviewer, and animal lover. I help animals and their humans live healthier and happier lives using natural solutions, addressing the root cause, and connecting back with nature. 

My website, podcast and YouTube channel are all about helping to share knowledge, positivity, self-awareness and inner work. On my podcast, I aim to expand our consciousness through curiosity and explore natural solutions in an ever-changing world. I discuss a diverse range of topics from sacred geometry to living in a matrix! 

My goal is that, by interviewing inspiring people, we can share their knowledge and passions to make the world a better place for all creatures great and small! If you have any suggestions for guests to join me on my channels, please contact me here. 


The last few years have been a big wake up call for myself and a lot of people around the globe. I have been horrified at the current state of health, education, business, politics, and the media. 

Does what we see and learn make sense? In today’s censored world, how do we find what is true?

I truly believe that we all have the power to control our reality – There is always a positive if we keep looking.

If we know the real challenges facing us then we can find natural solutions. Knowledge without inspired action doesn’t get us very far! 


I’m grateful to have been surrounded by animals throughout my life and continue to keep a great connection with nature, both personally and professionally.

Caring for my rescue ponies, dogs, cats, guinea pigs gives me such joy, as do my children and husband!

Animals always find a way back to balance and we humans have so much to learn from them. Keeping an open, patient mind is so important as everyone is on their own journey at different levels.

Thank you for your support and much love from me and my 4-legged family! 



On my YouTube channel and podcast, I dive into topics with a wide variety of different guest speakers and experts. Together, we unravel misconceptions, spiritual concepts, sacred geometry, and the science behind our health and happiness. I explore natural solutions within an ever-changing world and it’s a place where philomaths (lovers of learning) can connect. 

I also offer online courses and consults on both human and animal health and wellbeing. From Zoopharmacognosy to Iridology, I am qualified in a number of different areas. 

Together, we can all build a greater understanding and create a world we all want to live and thrive in, for all creatures great and small!

The Catherine Edwards Academy

At The Catherine Edwards Academy, I offer paid-for online training courses and consults to help you optimise both human and animal health.

I have many different online or in-person courses available for varying levels of interest and budget.

Some of my favourites include the Introduction to Home Prepared (Raw & Cooked) Food for Your Dogs, to the Professional Diploma Course in Holistic Equine Iridology. These courses are designed to help you, animal lovers, care for your animals and yourself in the best possible way.