About Me

I have always been passionate about learning! There is not a year that has gone by when I have not been continually learning, either formally or through self-study. Natural Health & Nature are where I am aligned. Having grown up with many animals, and continued to work with, and share my life with animals, I keep a great connection with nature and what is truly important for health and happiness. Animals always find a way back to balance – we human have much to learn from them!

2020 has been a big wake up for many people across the globe. Being a mother, I have been horrified at the current health, education,  business, political, media systems to name but a few. The realisation of the globalist agenda, the censoring of information – which has never been greater than what we are experiencing now – and the constant efforts by those in power to control the masses have never been more obvious.

If YOU are here reading this, you too are a Truth Seeker. We know what we are seeing and being taught does not make sense, but in today’s censored world how do we find what is true for us? Hopefully, by listening and sharing knowledge, we can all build a greater understanding, take back our power and create the world we all want to live and thrive in, for all creatures great and small!

There is always a positive if we keep looking  – I truly believe that we all have the power to control our reality. Sharing insightful, and hopefully, inspiring, discussions with a range of people who can help us to take back control of our lives, health and future is my passion.

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change” Wayne Dyer

This website is dedicated to sharing information, discussions, inspiration and resources to help people explore their own individual journeys of creating the life of their dreams, and to provide a common pace for people to come together on an uncensored platform!

Thank you for being part of this journey.


Catherine Edwards Academy

Please Click Through to my Academy website, where you can find details about online training and consults that I offer. I offer a wide range of services, from personal consults (animal and human) – online or in-person to Professional Diploma Course in Holistic Equine Iridology to a range of courses to help animal lovers care for their animals in the best possible way. I have more webinars coming very soon!