I currently offer 3 consults:

  1. A free 15 minute Discovery call – this call is for those (humans and animals) that want to get started straight away with one of the cutting edge technology products that I work with. In this call we will agree which product will be the mots transformative and get you started in the most cost-effective way. . Click below to find out more.
  2. Root Cause Holistic Health Consult – in this consult (1 hour) we dive deep into the root cause of your health challenges and prioritise the biggest wins to ensure you get the fastest and most effective results for lasting heath. As a Biologist and Holistic Health Coach with 20 years experience I know what works. NO more expensive tests, long courses or confusion – strategies and technologies that work & you can implement now.

3. All Species Zoom Consult: I offer a unique and truly holistic approach to animal wellness. I am passionate about working with animal parents and their animals. I offer a unique and truly holistic approach to animal wellness; assessing everything (if needed) from environment, diet, supplements, pest control, tack (horses), stress management, ‘training’ to social needs. A complete inside out experience. I look forward to working with clients who embrace this all-round approach, addressing the root causes of any issues, rather than just treating symptoms. This leads to lasting results and a healthier lifestyle. It is a true partnership between the animal, owner and therapist.

For each consult I  provide a summary of recommendations and only support via private messages.

Consults offered