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  • ASEA – One Amazing Technology Two Remarkable Products

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    The Future of Skin Care

    RENU28 is a topical skin care gel that supports your skin using Redox Signalling technology. This innovative product cares for your body from the outside in, giving you healthy and youthful-looking skin. Take a minute to watch the RENU28 Benefits video or read more about how RENU28 can get you looking and feeling younger!

    ASEA is an amazing product

    You have never seen a product like ASEA before. That’s because it’s the world’s first food supplement that features Redox Signalling Molecules. Learn more about ASEA, a first-to-market drink that harnesses this unique and scientifically-based technology and is changing lives around the world.

    ASEA and RENU 28 are unlike anything else that you’ve ever used. Both products utilise our patent-based, scientific technology. We invite you to Scroll through the pages and learn about these ground-breaking products and how you can benefit from their use.


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  • THE ROOTS BRAND – Detox, Cleanse, Focus & Relax

    Use Referral Code catherineedwards when ordering https://therootbrands.com/CatherineEdwards

    Never before have these products been more important for us humans and our animals. Removing toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungus and heavy metals, using the best of nature to restore your energy, and getting you away from brain fog and into laser-sharp mental focus to improve your intuition is a must in these challenging times. You can also refer to friends and therefore either work to getting your product for free and making a great ethical business as part of a truly wonderful team! Contact me if you want to know more about the business opportunities. 

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  • ONLINE ANIMAL COURSES – A Great Selection For Holistic Animal Care.

    Taking control of our Animals physical behavioural, emotional and spiritual health has never been more important. On the Catherine Edwards Academy website you will find a great selection of courses to help address naturally any existing problems your animal may be having, and importantly to stop problems happening in the first place. All courses have life long access, and please keep checking as new courses are being added all the time. Your Animals are worth it!


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  • The Best Nutritional Supplements & Coffee


    Ascent Nutrition was co-founded by Lance Schuttler with the mission of offering deeply transformative and helpful nutrients to as many people as possible, to help bring about a great collective shift in human consciousness and human health.

    A portion of profits are donated to holistic healing programs at certain rape crisis centers that helps people who have been trafficked, raped or sexually abused, as these issues are something that Ascent Nutrition wish to play a role in ending.

    Highest Quality Sourced Ingredients       

    Always Non-GMO

    Taking those first steps on the path to better health can be overwhelming. Ascent Nutrition supplements help simplify your journey to target your individual needs. Our products equip you with everything you need to start the Ascent to your optimal health today! GET 10% Off With Code CE10

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  • MILKY PLANT – Get Fresh Plant Milk in Minutes!

    The Milky Plant is a compact machine that can produce 100% fresh, single ingredient milk in less than 5 minutes. Make fresh, nutrient-rich plant milk with the ingredients you want.

    No Fuss. No Mess.

    The Milky Plant makes homemade plant milk as easy, fast, and fun as possible. Plus, you’re in control of what goes in your milk. No preservatives or additives, just 100% delicious plant milk every time.

    Make Any Type of Sustainable Milk

    You name it, Milky Plant can make it.

    Make fresh, healthy, and clean plant milk as sustainably as possible. No more milk cartons or plastic waste.

    You can make milk with:

    Oats, Almonds, Soy, Rice, Hemp, Coconut, Potato, Pea

    You name it, Milky Plant can make it!

    Get Fresh & Tasty Plant Milk Everyday

    Combine your favourite nuts, seeds, and plants in easy recipes. Enjoy them on their own, in coffee or tea, smoothies, and so much more.

    use CATHERINE at checkout to get 10% off

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  • Purium Health Products – The Most Powerful Clean Superfoods on the Planet! USA & Canada

    You can use Gift card code catherineedwards to get $50 off any products for your first order so do browse the shop! 


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  • BODY ALIGN – SOLUTIONS FOR EMF PROTECTION – Wristbands. Discs. Strips. Patches. Pet Wellness Tags

    The Next Evolution in Wellness

    Every day our bodies are challenged with environmental factors such as toxins from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe…

    On top of all these toxins, our bodies deal with harmful radiation through the electronic devices we rely upon every day such as our Cell / Mobile Phones, WiFi’s, Computer Screens, Tablets, basically every single device we own.

    Fighting all these toxins and radiations puts massive stress on our bodies, quickly causing them to become unbalanced.

    When this happens, we become vulnerable to obesity, fatigue, vitamin and immune deficiencies, and ultimately, poor health.

    At Body Align™, we believe a properly balanced body is the foundation of good health, and we have developed a system that provides, what we like to call, the Next Evolution in Wellness.


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  • The One and Only Q-Link®


    Enhanced Well-Being, Performance and Quality of Life. Scientists, health and wellness professionals, and a growing number of academic and sports authorities are discovering and describing the vital link between the strength and amplitude of the body’s natural resonance frequencies and a person’s corresponding sense of well-being, physical and mental function and quality of life.

    Of course, we don’t really need researchers or doctors to tell us how important this is or that it exists, because there’s something in each of us and in our experiences that already understands this energetic connection. How else should we explain how our mental outlook instantly improves with just the right word, smile, loving look or touch from another or why we feel uplifted from a thoughtful compliment or action? And why do we feel physically and spiritually enlivened in the presence of a harmonious orchestra, in someone else’s triumph, when we meditate, think positively or in the exploration of our faith? That’s resonance at work!

    Perhaps our best reference point for resonance being a key influencer in our lives is found in our inextricable link to nature. By just immersing ourselves in nature – our body, mind and spirit become balanced, restored and strengthened. We’re drawn to nature because it’s already in us, because we’re already a part of it, and it’s why we want to dig our toes in the sand, smell a salty sea breeze, sit in a park, lie out in the sun, get next to a roaring waterfall or gaze at a sunset glow from a high mountain top. In nature, we literally feel as if we are returning to our best-selves!

    And that’s what Q-Link’s natural resonant frequencies are about – working for you 24/7, everywhere you go, in every situation and when you want and need to perform your best (especially when you’re under pressure). And that’s critical because, not only do our chaotic lives and uncontrollable stress filled lifestyles and environments take a toll on our innate resonance, we’re also often too busy or unable to regularly access or commune with nature or participate in resonance-restoring activities.

    At Q-Link, more than 25 years of enthusiastic and sincere customer feedback paints a picture of lives transformed for the better and returned to their positive and energetic best: more vitality, creativity, resilience, focus, awareness, joy, higher productivity, cognitive function, dynamic potential, satisfaction, consciousness, more in “sync” at work and play, getting “in the zone” when it counts and being more personally integrated and in tune with others … are among the real life “experiences” that our customers report most.

    And the beauty of Q-Link is more than just its effectiveness – their small size won’t get in your way, they require absolutely no effort to utilize and, of course, are maintenance free and will deliver years of worry-free use, enjoyment and value. Indeed, for many, Q-Link is a necessary and indispensable life tool. But the best way to discover how great a more resonant life can be is to try Q-Link for yourself.

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  • Platinum Health Products – UK & EU – The Most Powerful Clean Superfoods on the Planet!

    Use Gift Card catherineedwards to get 50 EURO off your first order

    I have been using these amazing products for over 10 years – the whole family love them. Great for transformation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and for athletes, children and pets! The ethics behind this company are exceptional. PLEASE USE GIFT CARD CODE catherineedwards for 50 EUROs off first order – you wont look back! 

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  • Make Your Own CDS Water Purification Kit: Biotraxx CLASSIC 1:1 Set, 1x 100ml Hydrochloric Acid 5%, 1x 100ml Sodium Chlorite NaClO2

    This is the favourite kit for making your own, and what I use


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  • ANIMAL, Basic & Advanced Courses on Chlorine Dioxide use Coupon Code CLO2COURSE5 to get 5% off

    Great Introductory & Advanced courses – all you need to know to make and use Chloride Dioxide for Home use – use this COUPON CODE TO GET 5% OFF CLO2COURSE5 – this is a must for anyone wanting to empower themselves to use this amazing product for themselves & their animals

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  • Flaska – TPS Water Structuring Products & Information


    I have been using Flaska products for years – in fact they have been one of my favourite gift choices for friends & family as I truly believe that they make such a vibrational difference to the water. Over the years I have tested this with animals self-selecting, watching plants and food thrive and personally seeing the difference in how i feel when using my Flaska products. I am now delighted to be able to share these with you.

    Water & Glass       

    Let’s drink more high-quality water from glass containers. This is how we can take care of our health and protect our natural environment.

    The Results Speak For Themselves! 

    Take a look at the website and see the amazing results – including those by Masaru Emoto water crystal photo made with Tokio water after being treated with Flaska (Copyright © 2013 Office Masaru Emoto)

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  • Rocketo Organic Raw Gently Air-Dried Dog Food – UK & Europe

    For Customers in the UK and Europe – this organic, raw, gently air-dried dog food and dog supplements will really help keep your beloved dogs in the best health. Use this link to get 20% off your first order! Feel free to share the link with friends

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  • PHOTONIC HEALTH – The Best Red light Therapy Training & Products Humans & Animals

    Use Referral Code CATHERINEEDWARDS when ordering TO GET $25 OFF ORDERS OVER 200 Dollars 

    Photonic Health Light Therapy is a natural pain reliever
    and healing accelerator that actually works. FOR HUMANS & ANIMALS OF ALL SPECIES 

    • Is your pet injured, in pain or suffering?
    • Is care costing you extra time & money?
    • Looking for a non-invasive alternative?
    • What about a tool you can use over and over again-no refills or reordering!

    Learn how Photonic Health Red Light Therapy can improve the quality and care of your pet quickly & easily.

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    You will so love this website – the amount of information on here is off the scale!

    We recommend The Annual membership, it is such amazing value – and you are supporting, with your $ and energy – truth!

    🦁Join Good Lion TV today

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  • Spiritually Raw: Courses & Videos to help Expand Your Consciousness

    SpirituallyRAW offers an online resource of exclusive consciousness-expanding videos you won’t find in the mainstream media. 

    The nature of the universe, fantastical, conspiracy theories, supernatural, unexplained, flat out unimaginable, and more!

    As a Supporter, Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL SpirituallyRAW episodes

    So much content at such fanstatic Value!

    Choose from a variety of levels.

    All levels provide FULL access to SpirituallyRAW content.

    For further information and to join

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  • The Ascended Masters Store

    The Ascended Masters Store is a video marketplace that provides descriptions, links, and contact information from the greatest minds worldwide who share their divine knowledge and action steps to take you on your life’s journey.

    Explore consciousness-expanding courses, products and services that all help you become the best version of yourself

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  • Nikken Wellness Products & Water Filters

    Nikkon Wellness & Water Products https://www.nikken.com/eu/catherineedwards

    Wonderful, affordable water and wellness products including water filters

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  • Your Super Superfoods!

    These are some of the best organic superfoods I know. For 15% off all Orders on the BEST SUPERFOODS ever see https://yoursuper.krym8q.net/catherineedwards And use Coupon Code CATHERINEEDWARDS

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