ORYNOCO Life Force Technology for Wholeness

ORYNOCO Life Force Technology for Wholeness

I LOVE the Orynoco Products – from the Lops to the V4Pods to the pendants. One of the reasons I love them so much is because of the personal experience that I have had, for myself, clients and animals. Please see the details below, and do not hesitate to email me on catherineedwardslife17@gmail.com if you want more information. PLEASE SEE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION BELOW


Our Quantum Loop works within the quantum field to produce enhanced life force energy effects and benefits for you. These benefits include the possibilities of bringing some relief to annoying aches and pains, enhanced dreams and visions, easier emotional releases and energetic balancing, a swifter relaxation into much deeper and more expansive meditations, greatly improved sleep, and an easy way to quickly charge drinking water. Our Quantum Loop is extremely popular with Yoga fans and their teachers. They say it enhances and improves their yoga sessions.

The Quantum Loop is SIMPLE TO USE… wrap it around parts of your body needing help as shown in the photos on the product page. You can benefit by just leaving it coiled up in your pocket. It can be formed into various geometric shapes to enhance and deepen meditations and sleep (place it under the bed). Popular shapes for these purposes are the circle, rectangle, triangle and 6-pointed star (requires two Quantum Loops).

The Quantum Loop is truly our most versatile product. It comes in many different colour combinations to suit your unique tastes. It’s easy to carry in its handy cotton zip bag (included), which we know you’ll appreciate whenever you’re travelling.


Science and art meet in our Life Force Energy Pendants, fusing together practicality and beauty. These Orynoco pendants incorporate all the benefits of conscious technology whilst providing a stylish piece that benefits the wearers whole system, man or woman.

The core of the pendant is a Transition State Element (TSE) which has multiple nano layers which interface with the wearer’s energy fields seeking to rebalance them. The TSE acts like a bridge between physical and non-physical realms to help make these life force energies and information much more available to the wearer. The effects are enhanced by the wearer applying intention and attention thereby consciously interacting with the process.

Individually hand crafted in the UK each pendant is unique and exquisite. Our UK artisan craftsman with the alchemical skills to fulfil this role has made a selection of different glass pendants that resonate with the whole of the creation process. Single or multiple Transition State Elements (TSE) have been used in their creation.

Single pendants are available in various different designs with either a beautiful natural 19″ Egyptian Leather cord with sterling silver clasp, or a simple 22″ Black Cotton cord. The Egyptian cords are fashioned in a small family workshop in the shadow of the Great Pyramid in Cairo.

Further Information

Our stylish and unique handmade Life Force Energy pendant necklaces radiate life force energy and subtle energy information fields to help support your wholeness, balance and vitality. This pendant helps you maintain a proper subtle energy environment effortlessly. Our research has shown that our special alchemical Transition State Elements (TSE) infuse subtle energies and fields into the special type of glass used by our glass-art artisan. These enhanced fields can then interact with your own when you’re wearing the pendant.

This pendant is conscious technology; therefore, your intention and attention are very important keys in eliciting a more beneficial, fulfilling, effective and meaningful interaction with the information conveyed by the life force energy fields of each alchemical Transition State Element (TSE) used in your pendant. This same intention/attention principle is ubiquitous to the universe as a whole. However, the transition states of the elements involved (TSE) act as a bridge between the physical and non-physical realms to help make these life force energies and information much more available to living systems.

aka WSU V4 Pod

The ORYNOCO Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) V4 Pod helps you comprehensively restore balance to your body and being… it thereby supports states of wholeness and the expansion of your consciousness.

CORE PRINCIPLES: each WSU V4 tower emits highly dynamic flowing gravitational magnetic fields. Similar to a living organism, they are fluid, flexible, self-adjusting and intelligent. These fields open a space or portal within your field making it easier for you to access a pure form of the Life Force Energy potentials which are ubiquitous in the universe. A stronger field of resonance with this Source energy helps your body and being to harmonise and rebalance as you connect more deeply with your inner truth, homeostasis and divine wisdom. Your system has the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments caused by stress that could eventually lead to poor health, low states of energy and a variety of other physical, mental and emotional conditions. When you’re having sessions in the unit it supports your state of well-being and promotes a conscious understanding.

HOW IT WORKS: the WSU V4 contains a collection of Transition State Elements (TSE) which is specifically engineered for accessing all levels of information including your soul. The sessions become a more personal experience in our view because they are tailored to you as an individual via your soul. The rebalancing of your individual being is done by accessing what you actually need first. This may not be what you think and believe you need. This individually soul-tailored interaction results in a perfect experience regardless of whether you are just beginning on your spiritual journey and path, or you are already advanced.

Your access to this pure Life Force Energy is directed by your own soul-level higher intelligence. It therefore has access to all the universal information fields that your biofield could ever need in order to self-rejuvenate. This results in a soul re-union style of dynamic interaction.

YOUR INTERACTION WITH THE FIELDS: Your soul is really in charge here. However, your conscious being is part of your soul. As such your participation with the fields via an intention that is qualified as being for the ‘best good of all’ is extremely important. Why? It creates a far higher degree of integration between your body, mind and soul.

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