Photonic Shield – A bioresonant harmoniser that offers full body protection from super high frequency EMF fields.

The Photonic Shield device is a multi-layered structure that is constructed of specific metal alloys and dielectric materials.
The Photonic Shield is a dependable converter of super high frequency electromagnetic fields which transforms background radiation into frequencies that beneficially affects biological objects and humans.

The shapes of the resonant structures and the characteristics of the photonic shield crystal materials are calculated and formed based on the interaction of the electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and circular polarization of right hand rotation.


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Our Vision

Our goal was to develop a multi-purpose portable protective device that could address the growing problem of man-made artificial radiation while also having the feature to restructure water and eliminate negative information in food.
A Photonic Shield device creates a healthy environment to live, work, and while traveling. By minimising the harmful effects of wireless radiation sources such as smart phones, smart metres, wifi routers, smart wearables, and geo-pathic stress zones, people can feel better, have more energy, and be more focused as a result of these changes. As intended by nature.
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Introduction to Photonic Shield Technology

Used for the following purposes:
Protection from negative energy flows such as 5G, EMF, and geopathic zones, among others.
Clearing energy blockages in the meridians and chakras.
After negative energy-informational impacts, restores the aura field of the organism.
Improves the quality of water and the quality of food.

The benefits of using Photonic Shield:
Restoration of the body’s energy-information field.
Improvement of indicators of vital systems and organs of the physical body.
Stabilisation of psycho-emotional well-being of a person.
Clears blockages in energy fields of the body (meridians, chakras).
Significantly improving water properties by restructuring and eliminates negative information, decreases the redox potential (RP), and provides a smoother taste.
Significantly improves food by eliminating negative information.

Why use Photonic Square?
The Photonic Square is designed to be mounted on to any device which is a source of electromagnetic wireless radiation.
Safely use mobile devices.
Protection from smart metres.
Protection from routers.
Protection from all wireless devices.

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