ZEST – Water For Life

An Innovative water filtering system – A complete breakthrough in water filtration

ZestTM is a natural composite filtration solution that extracts and traps harmful pollutants within its structure, ensuring the water you use for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing is safe and healthy.

Our tap water may look clear but it contains many things we can’t see – not just things like the calcium and magnesium minerals that cause common limescale in hard water areas – but also micro-chemicals (PFOA/PFOS) and pollutants which are very harmful.

These contaminants are not removed by traditional water treatment systems or by more commonly used household filters

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This system is a complete breakthrough in water filtration – something that we are so excited to share and help grow. Watch here to find out why….

Why do we need extra filtration?

Pollutants in your water can be harmful, leading to a wide range of damaging health impacts which are only now becoming fully understood. From the known effects of lead from ageing pipes, to the forever chemicals PFOA/PFOS which are permeating everything, an effective water filtration system is vital for the health of your family.


Why should you install Zest in your home?

Water, the liquid that springs from your tap at the twist or turn of the valve….
Water, the simplest, common chemical compound on earth and one to which life itself is intrinsically

Water has complex properties and baffling anomalies, but without it, life as we know it would cease.
Unless contained in some kind of vessel, Water has no form, no voice, no movement, and little
resistance; except when coaxed by our hands.
As the world’s population swells, demand on water increases and availability of the giver of life
becomes stressed.

Q. Have you thought about the sheer number of new homes being built in your area and then asked
yourself where the new waste water treatment plant is located? The fact is there are none, we simply
push water through existing systems faster.

Dissolved heavy metals, micro-plastics (PFO’s & PFA’s), radiation, and pesticides can slip past
conventional intensive chemical treatment of our waste water and can often result in serious health

Q. How often do you boil or steam your foods only to find a residue left in the pan or steamer?
Q. How often is your cup left with a greasy residue after your morning tea or coffee?
Q. How often do you have to scrub the glass of your shower unit?

The water in your tap may look clear, but it is actually not at a microscopic level, and it’s at this level
that our bodies absorb what is hidden from our eyes!

➢ Imagine bathing your baby in water that’s contaminated with microscopic toxins…
➢ Imagine brushing your teeth with water that has heavy metals and microplastics that find
their way into your gut!
➢ Imagine cooking pollutants in to your every meal!

At ZestTM, we have developed a solution that extracts and traps these harmful pollutants within its
structure, ensuring the water on which our life depends & sustains us, is safe and healthy.
When it comes to filtering water, the higher the pore density, the more efficient and effective the
filtration performance and the safer it is for us to use.

The ZEST for life…
The unique advantage of ZestTM filter technology is its physical/chemical adsorption, ion exchange and catalytic properties. Our ZestTM composite proprietary media readily adsorbs heavy metals, iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), strontium (Sr), lead (Pb), copper (Cu), silver (Ag), mercury (Hg), etc.

Due to its high pore density, ZestTM media has a highly effective surface area, meaning it can capture high concentrations of physical contaminants with the additional benefit of the ability to adsorb chemical and petroleum products as well as gases in areas of fracking such as methane.

Furthermore, unlike other commonly used media, ZestTM is designed to target positively charged toxins such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fluorides, chlorine, nitrates and phosphates.

Q&A’s FAQ’s
Q. How does it fit into my water supply? In-line at the incomer
Q. Can I fit it myself? Yes, although it requires placement in-line
Q. What does it cost? £696.00 including VAT and delivery (£0.95p/day) Change every 2 years
Q. What evidence is there to show our water is polluted? See attached
Q. I live in a hard water area, will Zest work for me. Yes, Zest naturally softens hard water
Q. I live in a soft water area, will Zest work for me. Yes, it will work well
Q. I get my water from a bore hole, will Zest work for me? Yes, prefiltering may be required
Q. How often will I get a replacement? Every 2 years
Q. What do I do with my old Zest? We pay for you to send it back in the replacement packaging for
Q. Who pays for postage. We do


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