Self Sufficient Living Bundle

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(Total value: $5,952.76 (USD))

Total discount: 99%

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What it is:
The Self-Sufficient Living Bundle is a collection of 100+ high-quality ebooks, courses, and
guides for only $50. If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost over $5900 in
total, making it a 99% discount! There is no catch, other than the bundle ends on the 24th of
March, and all of the resources will go back to the regular price.
Everything included:
There is literally everything in the bundle for living a life of freedom, resilience,
and sustainability. Here are all the topics covered:

– How to work with natural remedies with animals (Zoopharmacognosy for dogs) (my Course worth $99.99 on its own)!
– How to start a journey to self-reliance and self-sufficiency on your own terms
– Hugelkultur, regenerative practices, and garden design for sustainability

– How to raise chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, and bees, and foster a deep bond with your
– Traditional and modern food preservation techniques, including water baths and pressure
– How to protect yourself From 5G, WiFi & EMF, and why to hard wire your home internet
– Diversify income streams through digital platforms, property rentals, and homestead
– Construction guides for chicken coops, raised garden beds, off-grid sanitation, and mini
solar systems
– Urban garden projects and mini-homesteads within apartment settings
– Cleaning and personal care products using organic, toxin-free ingredients
– Herbalism for health and pain, home-based apothecaries, and first-aid kits using natural
remedies and medicinal plants
– Survival skills, emergency readiness, and wilderness adaptation
– Natural beauty routines, plant-based skincare, and cosmetic items
– Farm and garden-to-table recipes, including sourdough bread, family-friendly comfort food,
zero-waste dishes, and fermented goods
– Natural motherhood journeys, home births, free births, sovereign births, and minimalist
– Living harmoniously with nature and each other in off-grid communities, fostering healthy
relationships outside the ‘system’
– Natural crafts and hobbies for sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyles
– And much more!
What you will learn:
With this mega-collection of some of the most potent online courses and ebooks, you’ll have the
knowledge and guidance to:
– Grow your own organic food and live off the land
– How to start a micro homestead in your apartment
– Earn money online or from your homestead, through rentals, Instagram, farmstands, etc
– Lock in today’s food prices with canning and food perseverance
– Protect yourself from harmful chemicals and electromagnetic radiation
– Make your own chemical-free products from plants and natural ingredients
– Raise and take care of your animals in your own backyard
– Raise a family connected to the values that matter most
– Create herbal remedies at home to boost the health of yourself and those you love
– Experience abundance even with a minimalist, DIY lifestyle
– And much, much more!

There is no Catch:
I promise you, there is no catch other than the offer ends soon! All creators have come
together to create this amazing bundle, and we all agreed on doing a 99% discount to give
something back to the community. But it’s only for 9 days that we can give it for $50 before
everything goes back to the regular price!

How it works:
Once you buy the bundle you will get a confirmation email with an access code and a link to
an access page where you can download and access everything. The ebooks can be
downloaded to desktop, tablet, and mobile. Once downloaded you will have them for life!
The courses in the bundle are accessible online. Some have a login page where you enter
your details and log in to access. Others are accessible with the access code given in your
course dashboard. Sometimes this access code also needed to be applied at checkout to
get 100% off. We can’t guarantee that all of the courses will be available for life (this is up to
each course creator) but once accessed you will be able to do the courses at your own pace
for years and years to come! The access page is available for one full year, but once
accessed you will have most, if not all, of the resources for life.

Do not wait. The multitude of incredible minds and creators of these courses, programs, and
e-books are offering their best life lessons at an enormous discount for a limited time. You
absolutely CANNOT find this level of value combined in an ultimate collection at anywhere
near this price. If you’re ready to join the movement of a more regenerative, healing
future…this is an offer like you’ll never see again!
Are you ready for more empowerment and self-sufficiency in your life?