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The Future of Skin Care

RENU28 is a topical skin care gel that supports your skin using Redox Signalling technology. This innovative product cares for your body from the outside in, giving you healthy and youthful-looking skin. Take a minute to watch the RENU28 Benefits video or read more about how RENU28 can get you looking and feeling younger!

ASEA is an amazing product

You have never seen a product like ASEA before. That’s because it’s the world’s first food supplement that features Redox Signalling Molecules. Learn more about ASEA, a first-to-market drink that harnesses this unique and scientifically-based technology and is changing lives around the world.

ASEA and RENU 28 are unlike anything else that you’ve ever used. Both products utilise our patent-based, scientific technology. We invite you to Scroll through the pages and learn about these ground-breaking products and how you can benefit from their use.


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The Science….

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Redox Signalling Molecules

ASEA is the first company to produce Redox Signalling Molecules in a stable form and include them in products that help support cellular communication.

Cellular Healing

ASEA’s proprietary Redox Signalling science provides support and healing at the cellular level.

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